DK Digital Photography: Blog en-us (C) DK Digital Photography (DK Digital Photography) Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:09:00 GMT Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:09:00 GMT DK Digital Photography: Blog 90 120 Road Trips So your planning a little weekend get away for you and the Mrs. Where to go what to do.....You could knock off midweek, and hop a plane to Vegas, or jet into some beach hideaway on the coast. That's the easy and yet somewhat mundane way to do things. Doesn't require much thought,might require some preplanning for accommodation availability,but it does the job and can run into the pricey side. 

But have you ever thought about whats between the place you get on the plane and the point you landed? This place called America is huge place with so many miles of roads and points in between. The band Pure Prairie League wrote a song called Two Lane Highway, America has probably more miles of than you can imagine, and holds some of the greatest treasures and memories you'll ever see or have. Granted there's no 5 star hotels,beach or swimming pools, but once your sense of adventure kicks in, that WTF attitude is all you got, the world is your oyster. Get that CD collection of road music, a couple pairs of old blue jeans and some comfortable shoes hit the road. Before you turn the ignition key pick a final destination spot, then find every back road two lane piece of black top that runs through every small town in between. 

For some that may be a bit to hard core, and the thought of coming to a cross road every 20 miles and having to make the decision of which way to turn creates to much stress in your life. So pick an established route like Old Route 66 that starts in Chicago and ends in California. Plenty of things to see an do along the way, complete with restored motels down to the neon,gas stations,cafe's and restaurants . US Route 66 Kansas.US Route 66 Kansas.2 lane black top crosses a 3 span steel girder bridge cafe-BW150cafe-BW150

Just recently, I drove from Chicago to West Virginia via Canton Ohio,Columbus Ohio and finally Parkersburg West Virginia. I took  US RT 30 which goes directly through Canton Ohio, home of the pro football hall of fame. US RT 33 to Columbus, and then East into West Virginia, SR 2 up along the Ohio River to Wheeling WV picked up I 77 west to 316 in Ohio into Newark Ohio then US 33 back through Decatur Indiana up to US 30 in Ft Wayne and home.All told about 1400 miles but very scenic, a plethora of photo opportunities, small town nuance, festivals, rural beauty and just plain relaxing plus a lot of jumping in and out of the car to shoot pictures, browse, ok I did some shopping, sue me.


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Camera Repairs It's inevitable , at some point your gear is going to need to be serviced. Before sending anything off to the manufacturer, which is about 6 months without a camera, find a reputable repair center in your area. You'll be lucky to find 2 maybe 3 in Chicago anymore since the demise of the store front camera shop are on the decline. My Nikon D800E needed to have the cable release port serviced, eye piece shutter fixed and the little plastic window that covers data read out for shutter speed,ISO Etc was cracked. 


I found Mid States at 29 E Madison , suite 1201 in Chicago. Alex, the trusted repair tech, speaks very nice Russian and not so very nice english. It's 75 dollars for an estimate, deductible from the repair fee which you pay up front.I've been with out a camera for 3 week now, simply because Nikon, in New York can't get parts from Nikon in Japan who can't make them fast enough. I got a call to day, "It is done".....$393. Mind you I don't live down town Chicago, so I have to drive 50 miles one way, $18 for parking and 50 miles home , each time I have to approve or pay for something. Tomorrow will be my 4th trip. 

A little out of the way to get to BUT, there aren't that many "Certified Technicians" left in Chicago that handle repairs.


Another player rising on the horizon in a dwindling market for photographic retailers is ProCam. Located just outside the Fox Valley mall in Aurora Illinois, Procam has set up shop in the building Wolf camera had. Granted this building has housed Lion Photo, which morphed into Wolf camera which got mismanaged and the whole chain went down, and was just recently acquired by a holding company. This holding company also acquired Calumet Camera wihich fell into Chapter 11,  temporarily closed their doors and reorganized under the  auspice of a holding company. They have since reopened, under the Calumet Photographic name, and a good deal of the "Ritz" photo centers have reopened to try and capitalize on the photo processing and branding already in place. 

ProCam, whose parent company or home office located in Michigan, caters to the high end or pro photographer, gear rental but no photo processing. Many of the staff at Procam are former employees of Calumet Camera which offers a comfort zone of buying from someone you have done business with before only under the roof of a different company.  This isn't Sam's club "All in a box" photographic gear. How ever the beginner is welcomed, encouraged and offered classes at the store to make  putting down the "Cell Phone" Camera and picking up a DSLR and joining the world of high quality photographs. Well worth your time to talk shop, browse,sign up for a class or buy some new gear.


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The price of doing business 1/22/15 A large asteroid about a third of a mile wide will zoom safely by Earth this month, and mark the planet's closest encounter with a space rock of its size until 2027. No need to call Bruce Willis just yet. But today I had to put my camera in the shop for some repairs, and of course, there goes my source for video, 36 mega pixel raw photo's and photo's, if there were going to be any of this asteroid. Granted NASA astronomers say the passing asteroid will be the size of a grain of sand, that's apparently what a 1/3 of a mile sized object 1800 feet in diameter, looks like from 745,000 miles. Things like this always occur when your equipment is down. The upside to all of this is, equipment will be in stellar working condition when I get to return to the Florida Everglades in April to do some more astrophotography.  I guess photographs are what you make them. People will send accolades , comments, and the obligatory "LIKE" but seldom send money to purchase your work. Why buy something shot with a 5000 dollar camera at 36 mega pixels, shot in a location that required 3 days of travel, a day and a half of planning, and hour to shoot, 2-3 hours to post and edit when you can have a "SELFIE" from a cell phone camera for free? 

Ahhhh the perils of this industry.



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Time Lapse Photography Greetings,

As a photographer and creative, I'm always looking for fun and interesting things to enhance my work, not so much in post production but in actual shooting. I stumbled across this piece which not only "appears" to do the job but does so at an affordable price. check it out.

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